DELI – wireless PIR set for wardrobes



The DELI set allows you to control lighting in a multi-door wardrobe. The lighting is switched on and off automatically thanks to the PIR sensor.

Wireless PIR kit for wardrobes - DELI

The DELI set allows you to control lighting in a multi-door wardrobe.

Lighting is turned on and off automatically thanks to the PIR sensor.

The PIR sensor will turn on the light after detecting user movement in the detection field up to 1.5 meters and turn it off after about 40 seconds if it does not detect movement.

Types of sets:


  •      1 point set (RF controller + BLACK sensor),
  •      1 point set (RF controller + WHITE sensor).


The set can be expanded by purchasing additional PIR sensors
The RF controller can support up to 4 PIR sensors (available in 2 colors: white and black)

Main advantages:


  •      wireless lighting management for multi-door wardrobes up to 10 meters,
  •      automatic PIR switch,
  •      up to four PIR sensors can be connected to one RF controller.


Additional information


Black, White

Power supply

12V DC/24V DC


max 6A

Protection ingress IP



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