ZoomLED® RGBCCT strip (RGB + CCT) 5in1 LED IP20 24V 19W


Supply voltage: 24V DC

Applied diodes: SMD RGBCCT 5in1

LEDs number / 1m: 60 SMD

Power consumption / 1m: 19W

Color rendering index: RA ≥ 85

Protection degree: IP20

Cutting possibility: yes, every 10 cm

PCB backing thickness: 2 layers

Copper power paths: 3oz (oz)

Backing: white laminate

Width: 12 mm

Price Per 5m

Available on backorder


RGB + CCT 5in1 LED strip - all light colors + white 3000K LED + white 6000K LED

In terms of the possibility of obtaining any color of light, it is the most universal LED strip. In 1 diode there are as many as 5 smaller diodes (red, green, blue, cold 6000K, warm 3000K) - so the light of this tape can be set by mixing all these LEDs!

Beautiful colors of the environment (from the hot and cold diode) - high color rendering index CRI (RA) +85

Light can add a lot of attractiveness to the illuminated room or object, but it can also take a lot! The zoomLED® tapes emit light that perfectly reflects the natural colors of the surroundings. Branded LEDs shine with beautiful light, similar to the ideal, i.e. the sun. The quality of the light is given by the CRI (RA) coefficient, where the sun is ideal, so it has 100 out of 100 points. The zoomLED® tapes shine with beautiful, natural-looking light and in laboratory tests they get +85 points (CRI +85), which means that they perfectly reflect the natural colors of the environment, and the human eye is not able to distinguish this light from the sun, which also has a large impact on Relax your eyes as people get tired eyes quickly under artificial light with a low CRI (RA).

The quality of the LED strip is supported by photometric tests

Before each shipment from the Chinese factory, zoomLED® tapes undergo pre-shipment inspection, where the quality of light is checked in laboratory conditions and the measurements are sent for our approval. We trust the Chinese partner, but also after receiving the LED strip, we also carry out the same test in Poland. We measure each type of LED strip, making sure that we release tested goods to the market!

Additional information

Protection ingress IP



12 mm


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