RGB 150 LED IP45 STRIP set RF 4 RGB zones 37,5W



RGB 150 LED strip with IP45 protection with LED RGB controller, RF remote control and power supply.


RGB 150 LED IP45 strip + remote control and power supply set

The LED SET is a universal set, which includes: high-quality RGB LED strip, RGB controller with remote control and LED power supply with a JACK plug.

The following are descriptions of each part of the set:

1. RGB gel tape - The roll contains 5m of 150 SMD LED strips with a width of 10 mm and a total power of 37.5W. It is a practical way of lighting and decorating rooms, furniture, shop windows, banners as well as cars. Self-adhesive tapes are characterized by high flexibility and simplicity in installation. They are very small and can be used almost everywhere. The LEDs used in the tape are characterized by a long life (approx. 50,000 h), low power consumption and high light output (120 degrees light scattering angle).

2. LED RGB controller with RF remote control - wireless RGB controller with 4-zone multi-functional radio remote control enabling the change of colours of LED RGB products using radio.

It allows you to control from 1 to 4 RGB zones within 30m!

Thanks to this solution, we can individually control LED lighting, e.g. tapes, clips or SQUARE luminaires located in separate rooms, which gives great convenience in use. By using your finger in a circle in the colours of the rainbow, you can get any colours of light. We have the ability to program your own sequence of colour changes individually for each receiver, turn on / off a particular zone, change the speed of programmed programs, change the brightness of LED RGB products, as well as flashing. The remote control looks fashionable and elegant, has simple and practical functions for changing the colour and light intensity.

3. 38W LED POWER SUPPLY with EURO cabling and JACK plug is powered by an alternating voltage of 230V ~ 50Hz. It reduces the output voltage to 12V DC. It is enclosed in a black plastic insulation enclosure. Its purpose is to power LEDs with a voltage of 12V DC and a total power not exceeding 38W. The cable has 2,8 m with power supply in the middle, with a EURO plug on one side and a Jack plug on the other.

Additional information

Power supply

12V DC



Light colors


Protection ingress IP

IP45 (use inside the building in a room with increased humidity)

Width LED strip


Light source included


LED strip length



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