LED strip SNAKE PREMIUM 300 LED (60 LED1m) diodes 2835 IP20 30W5m roll


PREMIUM SNAKE LED STRIP (zig-zag), 300 LED (60 LED/1m), 30W/m roll, without gel – IP20, 2835 diodes type.

Advantages of SNAKE LED strip:

  • the ability to form any line of light
  • ideal for lighting under-cabinet corners in the kitchen
  • used in advertising and arrangement of ceilings and interiors
  • highlighting complicated shapes, e.g. 3d inscriptions
  • satisfaction guarantee for many years

PREMIUM class tapes are a completely new quality of LED strips. Specially designed for the needs of the most demanding customers. It is characterized by high quality of individual components and a solid PCB backing. Thanks to this, the tape will work even in the most difficult working conditions. Modern diodes provide 100% more light than traditional tapes with the same power consumption!

The tape roll length is 5m and the width is 7mm, and its total power is 30W. One tape module has a length of 5cm and contains 3 modern LEDs type 2835.

The tape can be cut every 5cm into sections of any length.

Available in 3 light colors to choose from:

  • warm white
  • neutral white
  • cool white.


The presented LED strip has a total luminous flux of 4000 lumens and is suitable for commercial lighting.
It can be used under kitchen cabinets or as lighting for desks and work stations. For comparison: a standard 24 W LED strip emits a luminous flux of only 1000 lumens!

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LED strip PREMIUM SNAKE 300 LED (60 LED/1m) diodes 2835, IP20, 30W/5m.

Additional information

Light colors

Cool white(6000k), Neutral whit(4000-4500k), Warm white(3000k)

Energy consumption in kWh/1000h

30 kWh/1000h

Width LED strip


LED strip length



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