COB LED strip 512 LED/m IP20 11W/m


COB LED strip 512 LED/m, 11W/m without gel, IP20 protection rating, providing consistent line of light.

Light colors
-Warm white
-Neutral white
-Cool white
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COB LED strip 512 LED/m, 11W/m, 1020lm, IP20
256 LED/0,5m, 5,5 W/0,5 m, 510 lm.

COB LED strip is an innovative solution providing consistent line of light with no visible single diodes. Strip is fitted with modern COB diodes (Chip on Board). It is easy to achieve high power and intense luminous flux. COB strip construction is simple, comparing to LED SMD, so is its application. COB strip offers longer lifetime and reduced power consumption. It might be used as both utility and devorative lighting.
Single roll is 5-meter long and 8-mm wide. It requires power of 11W/m and offers luminous flux of 1020 lm/m. Each tape may be cut every 31,24 mm at specially indicated places to segments of any length.
COB LED strip is available in three light colors:

  • warm white
  • cool white
  • neutral white

Additional information

Protection ingress IP


EnergyConsumption kWh/1000h

6 kWh/1000h

Lighting stream

510 lm/0,5 m


30 000h

Working with dimmers


Light colors

Cool white(6000k), Neutral whit(4000-4500k), Warm white(3000k)


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