BLIX LED lighting set with motion sensor


LED Blix lighting with a motion sensor is perfect for a wardrobe.

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BLIX LED lighting with motion sensor - set

The new LED lighting set with motion sensor is intended for use in a closet or wardrobe. It is worth using it wherever a continuous light source is not needed, e.g. in pedestrian corridors, halls, attics, etc. Where you cannot connect electricity - use BLIX with battery power.

Set contains:

• 1 m neutral tape with max. 2,5W power

• PIR motion sensor

• USB cable.


• battery power supply;

• simple and quick charging - USB cable matching the USB phone charger included;

• over 3 hours of continuous lighting

• simple installation - stick the LED strip with double-sided adhesive tape

• PIR sensor - mounted on a magnet where you feel comfortable; it can be disconnected for charging and reconnected after charging.

• long, 1 meter cable



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