LED cornice Giamotti® – TREVISO ceiling lighting strip 2 meters


Length of one section: 2m

Material: polystyrene

Coating material: coarse sand mass

* does not require additional coating with plaster

Dimensions: 85mm high x 100mm deep x 2000mm long

Cutting capability: yes

For self-painting

Lead time 2-3 weeks

Available on backorder


Coated cornice - does not shine through the light!

The cornices from our offer are made of polystyrene and additionally provide additional protection, which has sand polystyrene, which cannot penetrate the light.

For the fact that they were made, they are made of XPS material, which has even been painted, even painted, so instead of nicely punctured by the light, the light looks unpainted.

Ready to be painted

Sand mass is perfect for painting, it perfectly accepts any paint, so paint the cornices with the same paint that you paint the walls.

How to install a cornice?

The lighting cornices are mounted 10-15 cm on the wall under the ceiling, and the LED strip is mounted on the cornice.

The LED strip is directed towards the ceiling, and when the strip is turned on, it illuminates the ceiling, creating a beautiful effect, which at the same time gives a pleasant reflected light.

The LED strip is best mounted on an aluminum flat bar, not directly on the cornice. The aluminum profile additionally receives the heat generated on the LED strip, which extends its service life.

Connecting cornices

The cornices are 2m long and can be joined together to form longer sections. So that the connection point is not visible, we offer a sand mass, exactly the same as the cornice is coated.

Filling the joints with this compound guarantees an invisible joint. Cornices can be cut at any angle. Cutting is best done with a very sharp tool or a miter saw.

The LED strip is sold separately

You need to buy an LED strip for the cornice, and a power supply is needed for its operation. An additional option is the ability to control the light using a LED driver.


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