LED MONO controller with 4-zone RF remote control


Wireless set: 4-zone controller with a multifunctional radio remote control allows you to control up to four zones within a range of 30m.


Thanks to this solution, we can individually control LED lighting, e.g. tapes, clips or single-color luminaires located in separate rooms, which gives great convenience in use.

With one finger movement around the circle we can increase or decrease the intensity of light.

The wireless controller is characterized by low energy consumption, long range and high resistance to interference. The remote control looks fashionable and elegant, it has simple and practical functions for changing the light intensity.

Remote control power supply: AAA batteries - 2 pcs (battery not included).

Connecting (programming) a new zone to the remote control:
1. Select the zone to which you want to program (connect) lighting (from 1 to 4).
2. Turn off the power for the lighting you want to program with the main switch or pull the plug out of the socket.
3. Turn on the lighting and press the "Turn on zone" button for 3 seconds responsible for the zone to which you want to connect the lighting.
4. If the attachment operation is successful, the lighting will flash 3 times and turn off.

Disconnecting the lighting from the assigned zone:
1. Check with the remote control which zone the lighting is currently connected to.
2. Turn off the power to the lighting of the area you want to disconnect with the main switch or pull the plug out of the socket.
3. Turn on the power and press within 3 seconds quickly press the "Area on" button 5 times - of the selected zone.
4. When the disconnection operation is completed, the lighting will flash 6 times and turn off.

Additional information

Power supply

12V DC/24V DC



Protection ingress IP









Controlling the lighting effects of luminaires and LED strips


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