ES32 stair controller for LED strips with PIR motion sensors 32 channels – 32A


Maximum power for 5V: 160W

Maximum power for 24V: 768W

Receiver dimensions: length 186 mm; width 86 mm; height 25.5 mm

After disconnecting the power supply, it remembers the last settings

Does not cause a strobe effect (no light flickering)!

We can get led strips with profiles ready for exact size for individual order, please contact us for details.


ES32 stair controller where can it be used?

The ES32 controller allows you to turn on the lighting of the stairs using MONO LED strips (single-color) and RGB (digital strips).

What does the ES32 driver enable us to do?

Installing the ES32 controller will allow us to cascade lighting on the stairs. The light can be turned on step by step (second by second), which allows you to create a very interesting light animation.

Does the controller have the function of adjusting the speed of switching on the lighting?

Of course, the 8-step scale will allow you to fully adjust the speed of the lighting to the needs of each user.


ES32 driver functions:

  • Multifunctional stair controller with a PIR sensor and a daylight sensor.
  • 32-channel low voltage LED strip of the DC output drive, max. current 1A per channel.
  • 2 groups of SPI (TTL) signal output, drive 27 kinds of digital RGB LED strip IC, IC type and R / G / B order can be set.
  • Easy operation thanks to the OLED display and 3 buttons.
  • Two staircase lighting controllers can be cascaded.
  • Built-in multi-color mode, 1-8 speed adjustable.
  • The push button switch can also be an inductive signal input.
  • With quick self test function.


Why choose the ES32 driver?

  • Simple assembly.
  • The function of animated switching on the backlight of the stairs.
  • Lighting can be switched on and off smoothly.
  • The kit includes 2 motion sensors.
  • Adjusting the light intensity depending on the needs.
  • Lighting time adjustment.
  • Easy to use.

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