Wood Lamp Zoom-led


Oak pendant lamp zoomLED® 120cm 44W 3700lm 4000K

Height is adjustable but if you need longer wires please let us know.

Optional 3000k warm white colour and operating by remote control

 Lead Time is around 2-3 weeks 

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              Design a look that suits your interior

The zoomLED® lamps have an elegant design that blends in with any interior.
Perfectly suited for interiors to interior interiors such as company offices or hotel centers or offices.

We produce lamps in Poland, in our workshop. Thanks to our own production, we know exactly what we install inside and choose only those components that ensure operation for many years, and each part can be replaced or repaired.

Beautiful light that perfectly reflects the colors of the surroundings - high RA (CRI)> 90 The color rendering index (CRI) (RA) above 90 is a beautiful interior and a relief for tired eyes. The higher the quality of the light (i.e. the more similar to sunlight), the less tiring your eyes are, so CRI> 90 is not only about nice colors in the surroundings, but also an important health aspect. As for the appearance of the environment itself, with a CRI> 90, the colors of skin, clothes, walls, accessories, plants (everything) look very natural, almost like in sunlight.

Additional information

Lamp width

120 cm, 200cm

Remote Control

No, Yes


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